January 27, 2010

Yummy (times TWO!)


We spent the afternoon at my Mom’s yesterday and we made SNICKERDOODLES. The happiness that word brings to my soul is indescribable. A shortbread cookie coated in cinnamon and sugar. It’s like a tiny slice of heaven in my mouth. (I was going to say, on a plate, but that would be silly…everyone knows snickerdoodles last about 1.8 seconds on a plate before they are devoured.)

Well….at least it’s that way in my house.

Here’s the Toots sporting her Nannies cowgirl apron.

Side note: My mother totally should have been married to a cowboy. She would have been the perfect ranch wife. Up at the crack of dawn? Check. (Well, pre heart-bypass at least) Perfect housekeeper? Check. Amazing cook? Check. The ability to multi task like no other? Check. Able to make delicious homemade goodness out of four ingredients in the pantry? Check. The word “procrastinate” does not exist in my mother’s vocabulary. Oh the shame I must bring on her….

Tootsie loved every minute of it.

She stood still.
On a stool.
For 20 minutes.

I have decided that every Tuesday afternoon will be “Make homemade deliciousness at Nannies house”. The child LOVED IT!

I’m not sure what she loved more…dumping flour into a bowl.

Or eating the cinnamon and sugar between dipping the cookies.

I would totally post a picture of the finished product here but I was too busy shoving them in my mouth as fast as possible. Cookies. Yum…

And just to end this delicious post on an even YUMMIER note.

I saw this at Wal-Mart today. I mean SERIOUSLY? Seriously, yum.

P.S. Head over to Becky's blog for an amazing Celebutante makeup giveaway. (Plus, her blog is just too fun to miss!)

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  1. Awe! Thanks for posting about the giveaway :) It looks like ya'll are having a good time with those cookies! She's so cute in that apron. My Nannie was the exact same way...she got up at the crack of dawn and never hesitated to do ANYTHING! That woman waited hand and foot on my Papa and never complained...oh to be like Nannie someday! Some of the best memories I have are like the ones I know little "Tootsie" is making with your Mom. On another note-Yes the Rock is HAWT-but why is he making movies called "The Tooth Fairy"....that totally goes against his whole rep! LOL!