January 18, 2010

A brown football helmet

So, this blog is about me being a Mommy and all that goes with it – but I figured, since I have tens of readers a day, I should get a little hair advice. Maybe one of you our there would know how to survive this dreaded football helmet.

You see, I’m letting it grow, this hair of mine. I cut it off after the great arm break incident of ’03 (insert rocking awesome picture of scar here…) and have been short ever since.

And I am DONE with it. Done with it being short, done with not being able to do anything with it, done with “Mommy hair”. DONE. (Insert frightening Leigh self-portrait here. Is there a way to take a picture of yourself in the mirror and not end up looking like a parrot?)

I don’t have $7,000 a la Kate Gosselin for extensions (and even if I did….I don’t know who she paid 7k for those things but it was the wrong person.) but I just hate this awkward “growing it out” phase. I want it long but I know myself and I’ll get halfway there, feel ugly and cut it all off again. (Insert 2nd parrot picture here)

So, who has a suggestion?

P.S. I totally need to tell all (tens) of you the arm break story. For those
of you who don’t know it, it’s a good one. (Here’s a spoiler, my husband did it.)


  1. I think your hair would look really cute in a bob. Didn't you have it like that before? Kinda like Audrey's now. Mommy & mini-me!

  2. just keep growing the front and then cut the back to bump uo to the tront, you'll be bobbed and small ponyail girl by summer.