January 7, 2010

The Definition of Cranky

Cranky: Adjective
1: Given to fretful fussiness, readily angered when opposed
2: Full of twists and turns
3: Working erratically
4: Tootsie Dee - January 7, 2010

See Toots? See Tootsie being cranky?

See Mommy? See Mommy bribing with Skittles? "You don't feel good, sweetie? You're yelling at everyone about everything? You don't want to get dressed, go eat, go shop, play games, color, move, breathe or live today? Well here you go, sweet Tootsie Dee, love of my life, center of my universe. Here is a GIANT TUB OF SKITTLES. Eat away! Watch Peter Pan! Mommy will be hiding from you in the other room." That's right. I bribed the kid with Skittles. Don't like it? YOU come over here and take care of her.

See Audrey pick a Skittle? Still cranky.

See Audrey eat a Skittle? Still cranky.

Can little girls have PMS at 2 1/2? Sheesh. . .

Meanwhile, in less cranky news. I GOT THE PLAYROOM CLEAN!!!!!!!!

Yes! This playroom!

Look at those beautiful boxes. So nice and neat. They're still calling to me though. "Label us!! Go get a labelmaker and label us!! They probably have labelmakers at Target. Don't you need to go to Target? You haven't been in days..."

Look at that. I'm like a flipping advertisement for 'Organization Weekly'.

And as a little bonus, a little cherry on top with maybe even a few sprinkles - I can close the closet door. I don't think that's been able to happen since we moved in two years ago!

Now if I could just get the magic paint man to come and paint this room something other than taupe. Let me just tell you - I HATE living in a taupe house.

Taupe makes me cranky.

Maybe I need some Skittles......


  1. Oh no, a cranky Tootsie...must just be missing daddy today. LOOK AT THAT PLAYROOM!!!! It doesn't even look like the same room...you've been busy today my girl! It looks great! I'm jealous of your writing skills, this is so much fun to read. You are witty and amazing, just 2 of the reasons I'm in love with you.

  2. Perhaps the crankiness is a direct result of the cleanliness. Oops-too much Hatfield in her DNA soup.
    Magic paint man is named Hector, and he's at my house!

  3. Hey Leigh! I'm so glad you started blogging! Becky & I started when we moved from Arkansas to keep up with each other & our families. You can meet so many nice people through blogging :) Also, thank you for saying my little man looks like ME! HA! Everyone has said he looks like Jason. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me & I'm so thankful for him. I love him so much! Your little girl is SO adorable! I look forward to keeping up with you & your family through blogging.
    <3 Bon

  4. Hi Leigh! Your little girl is so precious! I saw Bon commented too :) We both keep blog websites since we live so far away now and it helps to keep in touch with each other. I've met so many awesome people through blogging as well! My Mom used to bribe me with M&M's all the time to taddle on Bonnie..ha..ha..I'm sure I would have done it for some Skittles too!

  5. I love reading your blog Leigh. Very entertaining. Makes me feel way better about the days I want to hide from my kid too!