January 6, 2010

Tonight, they are Pink

Audrey LOVES to get her nails done. We have to repaint them every night. If they have even the slightest chip her tiny world comes to an end until they are painted again. She doesn't prefer any simple colors. In her polish collection she has camoflauge, lemon meringue, raspberry sorbet, strawberry shortcake and plum. ALL with sparkles. Sparkles are a necessity in this house.
"Take a picture of my pretty fingersnails, Mommy."

Tonight they are Strawberry Shortcake Pink. They even smell like strawberries. Nail polish just isn't nail polish unless it has a lovely smell.
Sweet little hands. My heart breaks a little when I think how her hands won't always be this small.

Goodnight Tootsie-Dee. Have sweet dreams full of nail polish and lip gloss.

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