January 15, 2010


Some days, this whole “Mom thing” is pretty tough.

Sometimes I’m tired, or cranky, or I just want a break.

And then I remember…

Who else gets to play Mickey Mouse Yahtzee at work?

(Pardon the paint chips on the wall. I'm trying to decide what color I want the paint fairy to make my bedroom. And it's NONE of those!)

Or lay next to a little girl in warm snowflake pj’s?

Shouldn’t everyone’s day start off with a viewing of ‘Tinkerbell’?

And shouldn’t every lunch end with a quick run?

I am so lucky. Even when I’m pretty sure she hates me (which has come a lot the past few days) there are precious moments that remind me of how much I LOVE my job.

1 comment:

  1. You are so lucky you get to stay home! I'm dreading having to go back to work, but it's something I must do. A lady at the property I work at is going to watch Jarrett, so he won't be far. But, I sure wish I could stay home with him.
    <3 Bon

    BTW - I love her haircut!