January 6, 2010

I have a dream...

That one day this playroom will be clean.
That's right. This playroom.
I bought some lovely little organizational boxes at Target a few days ago. You should all know that I have a strong relationship with the Target. Some may call it unhealthy, I just call it love. It's like Target knows me. "Well of COURSE I needed boxes with coordinating shades of pink and green! Who needs clear boxes when you can have boxes with DOTS?!! It's like you've always known me, Target." So there they sit, my gorgeous little boxes. Stacked up nice and neat at the door to Tootsie-Dee's playroom. They taunt me. "Fill us, Leigh. Let us organize this room. Go all the way. LABEL us!" Yet there they sit. I may be a bit of a procrastinator.
I have filled a few of them. 3 boxes are filled with Cinderella castle accesories, her Princess Tiana teaset and her Barbie jumbo jet pieces. Of course, filled but sitting on the floor may not be helping much in the way of organization. Oh the shame my mother must feel of me. Sweet, sweet Cheryl and her OCD ways. How I have failed her.
And while I know that I MUST organize this room (which by the way was not this bad before the great Christmas explosion of '09) there is something so endearing about the chaos. All of the tiny pink dolls and the little teasets, the markers and the pumpkin she decorated with fairy stickers for Halloween. They are all so Audrey. It's like a real life game of "Where's Waldo?". Except, in this case, it's "Where's the naked Barbie?".
There she is. Do you think this is the life dear little Ballerina Barbie dreamed for herself while a tiny Chinese woman placed her tiny pink tutu over her painted on white tights?
Or the Strawberry Shortcakes. Do you think when my sister found her beloved collection in her attic a few weeks ago that they would end up in the floor surrounded by chaos? When she washed them so sweetly and found all of their little shoes and their striped green tights, did she think they would end up in my sad little Rainbow Brite carrier from 1985 just dying to be played with?
So wish me luck.
OH! Did I mention the closet???
I should probably stop blogging and start cleaning. (Or napping.....oh the great dilemmas of life.)

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  1. If there is anything with which you have a closer relationship than Target it is the nap. If there is anything which is an anathema to you, it is the organized closet. Therefore, if I were to place a bet on whether you spent hour day organizing or napping....well, let's just not repeat the obvious.