January 12, 2010


Today was GYMNASTICS!!!!

You can’t just say GYMNASTICS!!!

GYMNASTICS!!! must be yelled at the very top of your lungs. Preferably followed by a “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

Well. That is how you have to say it if you’re Audrey.

We missed all of December and the Toots was super stoked to be back.

Waiting on her dot. The only time my child ever. sits. still.
I am considering buying a plastic red dot for the house.
“Go sit on your dot! Mommy needs some quiet time!”

Then she’s off. 1st a little ‘toes awake, toes asleep’ on the mailbox. Behind her is Noah.
Noah is the male version of Audrey. Toots likes to tell us that one day she will marry Noah. “Because Noah is KIND and CUTE.”(Two very good qualities in a husband little one. Just add HAS A JOB to that list and you’ll be close to Mr. Perfect!)

Then she finally has the chance to climb up the walls. She’s a SUPER wall climber. (Both figuratively and literally.)

Stacking some blocks. (2 ½ seconds after this photo was taken she threw them at me. Oh, she loves me so.)


Sliding down from the pit. Surprisingly, no foam block. She almost always takes a foam block with her.)

HOP! to blue. HOP! to green. HOP! to purple!

Next, balance beam. Notice the perfect airplane arms. Do not notice Mommy’s double chin. (Must. Stop. Eating. Cookies.)

Jump, jump, JUMP on the trampoline.

Hanging out with Ms. Trish. Ms. Trish is her teacher and the woman deserves a medal. She teaches 2, 3 and 4 year olds gymnastics all…day.

Down the looooooooooooooong trampoline. “Apart, together, apart, together”

My little bunny rabbit.


It’s time to doooo the monkey. Oooh-oooh, ah ah, oooh-oooh, ah ah.

Jump to the front and back. C’mon now, jump to the front and back.

After we’ve shown everyone in circle time our perfectly executed ‘stretch and roll’ (they called it a somersault in my day) it’s STAMP TIIIIIME! Today she got Minnie Mouse. There will be much grieving for our GYMNASTICS!!! stamps in the bath tonight.

GYMNASTICS!!! is Audrey's favorite part of the week - and definitely the fastest 30 minutes of her day. (And BONUS! She usually always takes a great nap when she gets home.)


  1. Gosh look at all that excitement! I am sure she DOES take a nap when she gets home and good for you too because you can get some of that quiet time :)

  2. That looks like SO much fun! I think that the red dot idea is a good one for home... :)