January 6, 2010

Welcome Back Motter

That would be a play on words up there.

I'm a Mother, not a Kotter. So....Motter. Clever, right?

Prepare yourself for the wittiness that will be this blog. You may need to call a doctor for all the stitches that this doozie will cause you to need in your side.

I've already lost you, haven't I? So long, one person who may have read this blog.

It is currently 2:17 am. I'm going off a little, ahem, medication that I have had to take the past year or so (read that, Leigh's crazy and needed pills to function in society like a normal person) and one of the side effects of the withdrawal is extreme insomnia.

You know you're in some fun when they don't just say insomnia but EXTREME insomnia.

It may as well just say "Prepare yourself. This is going to suck."

Let me do a bit of introductions for all of you who may not know us. (You like how narcissistic I'm being right now? Like anyone is EVER going to read this. Well, besides my sister. Hi sister!)

There's me...

I call this picture "A mother sitting down for the first time all day after planning her daughter's 2nd birthday party". I do smile but I looked super cute in my sister's blue ruffle top and skinny jeans. I only look cute if my sister dresses me. It's a sad, sad truth. I like gingerbread lattes, long walks on the beach and quiet. Oh sweet, sweet quiet. I also really love to sleep, that's the only downside of becoming a mother - at least the mother of a child who HATES sleep. Oh life, she's a funny one, isn't she?

There's the Television Man...
He may or may not still be this skinny and H-A-W-T but he's working on it, by golly. He's a hard working man and may possibly be the best Daddy in the entire world. He asked me to "go out" with him when he was 17 and that was that. He's still the luckiest man in the world, 11 years later. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

And lastly, there's Tootsie-Dee...

Possibly the cutest, funniest, most stubborn little girl this side of the Mississippi. Or in the world. Whichever. You'll hear a lot, lot more about her.

As for now, I better sign off since it is now 2:40 AM and the Toots is not happy that I have left the bed. (What? She still sleeps with you?!! HORROR of HORRORS! Listen, she sleeps in there. That's all that matters. The end.)

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  1. Ooooh! Guess what? Your sister isn't the only one reading your very pretty, color coordinated, completely organized blog! So there! =)