January 25, 2010


People who know me may think that my favorite place in the world is Disney. I love Disney. L.O.V.E. it – but Disney is not my most happy place. That place is reserved in my heart for Austin.

Now…I totally DO NOT BELONG in Austin. I am not cool or bohemian enough to fit in such a place. I am too far along in my geekdom to actually LIVE there but in my fantasy life I am an Austin-ite.

In my fantasy life I live off of South Congress and I stop at Jo’s coffee every morning on my way to my “not trying to be cool” little boutique I own. I head to the Saxon Pub EVERY Monday night for a Bob Schneider show (in my fantasy life he may or may not be my secret husband….don’t worry, the Television Man knows this) and then I head to dinner in the Courtyard of the San Jose.

I’m not really sure exactly what it is about Austin that feels like HOME to me – but Austin is where my heart lives. So until my television man gets a wicked awesome job at ‘Austin City Limits’ or some such fabulousness I will just live there in my fantasy life – wishing I could spend my weekends with the Toots at Barton Springs Pool and my evenings watching the bats underneath Congress Bridge.

Where’s your fantasy life?

Our room at the San Jose

Breakfast at The Magnolia Cafe

Bob. That is all.

Waiting for Mr. Schneider with The Television Man.



  1. I own a fabulous little dress shop in Apalachola and go home every night to my historic home on the bay where I can watch the dolphins chase the fish and the eagles circle. On the weekends we treck over the islands to shell...a girl can dream, right?

  2. Austin is a happening city that is for sure! I have only been there a couple times and we have never stayed over night. It seems to be growing like a weed though! My dream city would be somewhere in Alaska, I just love it...I know it's cold and dark, but minus that I love the mountains and fresh air.

  3. I like your fantasy life. :) Mine is right here. Or in Chicago. Or Detroit.

  4. Hmm...I don't really know where mine would be! I would think maybe somewhere in Texas closer to my sister & still in driving distance to my family. I think I would like Dallas :)