January 11, 2010

So Proud!

I'm so proud of my little bloggy-wog!
Tonight I custom made, well....EVERYTHING!
There are no premade backgrounds, headers....nuttin.
Check out all my groovy fonts, signatures and my SUPER cool header and background. I feel all warm and tingly inside.
I think I dig this blog making stuff. Anyone want a facelift??!!
(I will resume normal blogging activities and multiple Tootsie-Dee photos tomorrow!)


  1. This looks awesome baby! I can't believe how quickly you have picked up on the photoshop world! It confuses me to no end! I love you!

  2. Great job Leigh! I think it looks beautimus. I, on the other hand, use templates, so props to you!

  3. Well Anna, if you want a pretty new blog just tell me! I'm going to try to do a few for free so I can get a portfolio started. Let me know!

  4. Hello sweetie -- - - this is the BEST!! :O) You are amazingly talented! Love checking in everyday on you and my precious Audrey!

  5. Hey Leigh! It looks great! This is one of my favorite scrapbook stores:


    It is where I bought the kit to do my blog. I did sock monkeys b/c that is what I did Jarrett's room in. Becky & I both design our own blogs. If you ever need any help or input, just let me know. I don't know you if you use gmail, but I love that e-mail b/c you can chat too. My e-mail address is:


  6. Way to go on your blog! I'm not sure if I'm just incompetant or what, but I can't quite get the blog designing down. I barely can get pictures to post properly!!! I suppose I'm new at it... but I can't even get the three column layout to work!? What gives!? Anyway, yours is beautiful! I love the stripes and the button detail!!!