January 9, 2010

She's smarter than all of us...

So what has Toots so still here? The queen of wiggle? The grand supreme of movement? The empress of jiggle, shimmy and squirm? What could be holding her attention for longer than 8.6724 seconds?

My phone of course! Known to Tootsie-Dee as "MY phone, MINE."

And yes, she's watching Dora YouTube videos. My 2 1/2 year old can add videos to her favorites, play them, go back and search through the "other videos like this" and watch them. She's also capable of taking pictures and changing them to my phones wallpaper. She often text messages her auntie and makes calls to Nannie and Poppa to see if they want to come over. (Often when I have NO IDEA she's doing these things.) The ONLY app on my phone that belongs to me is 'Facebook'. She has HippoShapes, Animal Drop, Shape Builder, Matching Zoo, Letter Quiz, Shapes, iBabyBuddy, Tozzle Lite, Giraffe's Preschool, Curious George Let's Color, TinkerBell Fairies Fly and Dora and the Crystal Kingdom.

So I guess she's actually right when she says it's her phone. Ah well....she can use it better than me anyways.

She's smarter than ALL of us......

Sweet Toots. My little doggie-eared techno-geek.


  1. My favorite text from the Toots, " snckahxzjfba". She was the gift of gab for sure!

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  3. FINALLY!!!!!
    Another female, Hatfield, techno-nerd!!! (yes, that is the correct title). I feel as if I'm going to cry -- just a little . . .