January 7, 2010

Dear Poppa,

Dear Poppa,
Remember a year and a half ago?
You were in the hospital and you were really sick. I was just a little thing but I remember everyone was so worried about you.
Remember when I came to see you in the hospital for your birthday? What a YUCKY birthday. (Maybe this year I will take you to Jump Zone for your birthday party. I'll get you a princess cake, too.) I think I was one of the only things that made you smile.
Then you had to have that yucky medicine. Chemotherapy is no fun. You were so sick and we didn't get to do much together. You felt so bad but you would always come to my house and sit with me on the couch. I would cuddle with you (as much as you could get me to).
We watched a LOT of Monsters, Inc.
I'm so glad that was a year and a half ago. I'm so glad that you are well and that you are my Poppa. I love playing with you, reading with you, going places with you and I ESPECIALLY love having birthdays with you.
Thank you for being my Poppa.
Love, Audrey

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  1. ME TOO!!!! I even love being around when you're cranky!

    Love you Tootsie Dee!