January 28, 2010

Random Randomness

Warning! This post is chock full of absolutely nothing. There is no substance here. So if you are looking for some bits of wisdom to guide you through your day, well, you’re out of luck. (Of course, this blog has absolutely no wise bits, so maybe you already knew what you were getting into when you surfed over to my neck of the web.)


We celebrated Granny’s birthday last week. Here’s Granny with her two girls. They sure do love her and so do we. Michael and I are so thankful for her, she really is one of the grandmother’s people write stories about. She loves her girls so much and she gives and gives and gives. We wish we could give to her all that she has given to us – but until we can do that we just want her to know how MUCH we love her.

Now…on to some serious foolishness.

I got my hair did today. Just a bit of a trim because, if you remember – I’m growing this hot mess out. So my hairdresser just thinned me out and messed me up. She said until it gets longer I’m just going to have to be messy. Ya dig? No?

So…hard….for….me. Step away from the flat iron, Leigh….just step away. (Side note: new shirt, Target, SEVEN BUCKS! How do I love thee, Target 75% off rack? It gives the illusion that I do not have a muffin top. SCORE.)

Audrey decided I needed a little ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ so as you’re looking at these pictures imagine “I do not LIKE DEM green eggs and ham. Not in a BOX or in a FOX!” I love her.

Next…I found this beauty in the back of my bathroom cabinet this morning. How exciting! A full bottle of body wash! I have no idea when I got it or who got it for me but this……this I know – it’s like bathing in a bottle of Elizabeth Arden old lady perfume. ACK! GAG!! I could not finish my shower soon enough to keep the fumes from burning my nose hairs off.

So….Enchanted Orchid from Bath and Body Works, you get a big fat thumbs down. “Elusive violets and delicate white irises” my hiney. (Like the Dora toothbrush holder? I love living with a two year old.)

And last…but certainly not least. I drove past a shopping strip in my town this afternoon, only to discover that a new tax service shop has opened. “Mo Money Taxes”. Seriously? Mo Money Taxes? Right, because the people I want handling my taxes and whether or not I get audited by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are people who can’t take the time to spell out MORE. That ‘RE’ must just be too time consuming.


  1. Leigh, you are a funny gal! I'm glad you found me online, however that happened...it was really good to hear from you. It's okay if you were a closet stalker. I won't hold it against you. ;)

  2. OMG! Is that seriously the name of the tax place...LOL...hilarious! You look great and you DON'T have a muffin top! Puhleeze! And your hair look good, just keep hanging in there with it...it's hard to grow out. I cut mine off really REALLY short 5 years ago and FINALLY got it to where I wanted it to be...I cannot live without my Chi iron. I know it is not the best for the hair, but I like the results!