February 21, 2010


I was just doing a bit of online browsing while waiting for my husband to get home from his interminable business trip. (Yes, hello? Television Man’s employer? 8 days equals too many. Thankyouverymuch)

I stumbled upon this beauty. Cute, right? Totally.

Guess how much?


You’re never going to guess because it is ridiculous.



Can you tell it’s 1:15 in the morning?

It’s $265!!!!!

Two hundred and sixty five American dollars.

For a baby dress.

That looks like something I could get at TJ Maxx n’ More for $19.99!

A dress that will be puked on. Pooped on. Pee’d on.

Baby’s don’t CARE that it’s Dolce & Gabana people – they care that when it needs to come out it comes out.

Do people really spend this much on baby clothes? I mean…are people this dense??

I sit and stare at this little pink number and wonder if I HAD that much money if I would spend it on a baby sundress……

And then I remember sweet potato puree puke and say with absolute certainty – not in a million years.


  1. Yeah, I could never spend that! That is stupid!!! I'm a bargain shopper as it is :P

  2. Stupid. And for real - I'm not even sure I'd spend the $20 on that dress. I'm way too much of a bargain hunter. If you wait until off season you could totally score something like that from Kohl's for like $4.50. And even if I had a bizillion dollars I still wouldn't buy $250 baby clothes. People are stupid.

  3. It just boggles my brain that people will actually spend that kind of money on clothes; baby or otherwise. That's groceries, or the gas/electric bill!

    lol...I'll join the two bargain shoppers who posted before me, thanks! ;)

  4. AMEN!! And for the record- the Maxx is the bomb!! My fav place!

    And I agree- thats more like a grocery bill at my house! Insane!!