February 17, 2010

9 years

*Be ye warned….more sentimentality lies within this post*

So….I’ve always loved you.

From the time I was 15 and I told you “Je t’aime mon cheri” because I thought I was clever.

And when you proposed to me a short 3 years later? When we were TOTALLY old enough to get married, right? Well, I loved you a LOT then.

I loved you with all of my heart when we got married a year later and we moved into our little house on Hawkins Drive. When we had zero money and ate LOTS of ramen noodles.

I love you at the beach.

I love to do silly things with you that we have no business doing but we ROCK at. (Insert sarcasm here)

I love Bob shows with you.

I love to watch you run.

I loved watching you with our niece when she was first born.

And 9 days after that I loved knowing I was pregnant with our baby.

But then she showed up and I knew….

I knew that I really, really loved you.

Happy anniversary my boy! 9 years down, 80 more to go.


  1. Happy Anniversary! May the next 80 years be as amazing as the past 9 have been. =)

  2. That is so sweet! I love your blog Leigh & getting to know you better. I know we are from the same town & we went to school together, but we never really got to know each other well. I love reading about YOU & your family. And, I'm learning about mommy-hood from you & all the fun things that happen with you & "tootsie" :) Happy anniversary to you & your hubs!
    <3 Bon

  3. That made me cry the good way!!!

    Happy Anniversary - hope the next 80 are even better for you two!