February 23, 2010

Mickey Monday (on a Tuesday)

I forgot Mickey Monday yesterday. Let’s blame it on the fact that it was an “early nap” kind of day for the Toots.
So let’s see….Day 2….

Our day started out early – we met the Mayor of Main Street, which, hello? best job ever.

Then it was off to breakfast with Cindy – who promptly commented that she “Adored” Tootsie’s bows.

Then after a quick order of cream cheese stuffed French toast and fruit Audrey started wishing…

And just like magic, her favorite princesses appeared.

After an amazing breakfast, we were off for a quick spin on everyone’s favorite flying elephant.

We hopped back on the bus to check into home #2. Our happy place. The place we live in our dreams. Animal Kingdom Lodge. We had savannah view for the first time and Audrey was mesmerized by the giraffe’s just feet from our balcony.

I don’t care if you’re 2 or 28, there is nothing more fabulous than waking up in the morning to zebra’s, antelope, water buffalo and giraffe’s hanging out right outside of your room.
We spent a lot of time just exploring our resort that afternoon. After a while we headed out to Animal Kingdom.

Had a Pizzafari.

And then saw the “Hakuna Matata” show. One of Tootsie’s personal favorites of the entire trip.

The evening was spent with Poppa at Epcot (that somehow I have NO pictures of) and I must say that Disney just isn’t Disney until my Dad arrives. He was my first “Disney buddy” and it will always be one of my favorite places to be with him.

Day 3 next Monday!

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  1. do you even REALIZE that you posted a "ride on everyone's favorite elephant" right above a *fabulous* pic of the media man???...were you being ironic? ;)